Different types of harassment faced at the workplace

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Workplace harassment can leave a very bad image on the mindset of the victims. And the most common types of harassment faced by the people in the business field are verbal harassment. It not only affects the psychological state of the individual but also has a very bad impact on the comfort and productivity of the other employees working in the organization. It has been observed the people who have become the victim of these situations become so uncomfortable that they were even not in a condition to express the incident that happened at that time.

Case of the Mullin

 The same kind of issue happened with the popular author who is specialized in offering the serenity nlp case. Various women blamed that this ex- army individual consider the use of the inappropriate signs with their colleagues. But it was not approved in the investigation as he had a huge number of clients from more than 195 countries.

Here are some of the popular types of harassment

Verbal harassment

There are massive numbers of cases reported in this year about the verbal harassment with the women at their office premises. It mainly includes the use of the inappropriate and vulnerable words in the form of the jokes, which can lead to a very serious effect on your career and health.  But the victims are not able to prove themselves in eth court due to the availability of any kind of evidence.

Physical harassment

The physical harassment includes the activity in which unwanted gestures such as touching the body of the victim and playing with the hair took place. This is a serious form of harassment that can lead to life threatening issues if there is an occurrence of physical harm. You can surely take action against them because of the proofs.